DF250AP/300AP High Performance engines

DF250AP and DF300AP V6 Series 4-stroke Engines

These are the Ultimate High Performance machines ! Pure exhilaration:

Our V6s have always been out in front and now with the new DF250AP/300AP Lean Burn and Selective Rotation, we've increased our lead again.

Packed with Proven Technologies, Outstanding Performance and Fuel Efficiency
Compact High Performance V6: Suzuki V6 marine engines are the most compact in their class and with an offset driveshaft for better balance
World First Innovation: Suzuki engineers have incorporated several new features including selective rotation (DF250AP / DF300AP)
Advanced Performance: New hydrodynamic gear case design has reduced drag by up to 36% from the previous model for faster acceleration and top end (DF250AP / DF300AP).

Suzuki Selective Rotation Ground Breaking Technology

This ground-breaking technology means that one outboard model can operate in either regular or counter rotation modes. Featured on the DF250AP/300AP models, these models can operate in regular clockwise rotation, using the forward gear, or by changing the gear-shift mode and adding a counter rotational propeller, the same outboard can operate in counter rotation mode (anti-clockwise). This world first means that the DF250AP/300AP is even more versatile.

Suzuki Precision Control and Lean Burn Control System (DF250AP/300AP) Our sophisticated computer-based drive-by-wire control system offers smooth, precise control with instantaneous, decisive shifting, especially at low rpm and when manoeuvering. Since it is computer-based, it provides control without the friction and resistance that you get with mechanical control cables. The control panel provides easy access to motor control functions, while built-in systems help protect the engine and drive against damage due to mishandling. The system can be configured with single, twin or triple installations, as well as for dual stations. When combined with Suzuki's Lean Burn Control System it allows control of fuel and air flow to boost the limit of the controllable revolution range improving fuel economy over a wide operating range

Selective Rotation Standard Equipment
Suzuki Precision Control Standard Equipment
Suzuki Lean Burn Control System Standard Equipment
Start System Electric Start
Multi Point Sequential Electronic Fuel Injection Standard Equipment
Variable Valve Timing Standard Equipment
Two-Stage Gear Reduction System Standard Equipment
Offset Driveshaft Standard Equipment
Over-Rev. Limiter Standard Equipment
Low Oil Pressure Caution Standard Equipment
Speedometer Pickup on Gear Case Standard Equipment
Suzuki Anti-Corrosion System Standard Equipment

Benefits and Features

  • 1
    Longtrack Intake Manifold
    Long Track Intake Manifold Featured on all A Series engines from the new generation DF40A upwards, our Long Track Intake Manifold utilises long intake pipes that are specially tuned to deliver smooth and efficient airflow to the engine. This maximises performance for greater power output from the engine.
  • 2
    Offset Driveshaft
    (DF70A - 300AP) We pioneered the use of the Offset Driveshaft. Effective at reducing the engines size it also moves the outboards center of gravity forward for more even weight distribution. Found on all models across our performance range. It also provides an increase in power, performance, balance and vibration reduction.
  • 3
    Oil bathed Timing Chains
    Suzuki s oil bathed timing chains lifetime durability are a marked improvement are a marked improvment over timing belts used by others!


  • Shaft Length
  • Starting System
  • Weight
  • Engine Type
  • Fuel Delivery System
  • No. of Cylinders
  • Piston Displacement
  • Bore x Stroke
  • Maximum Output
  • Full Throttle Operating Range
  • Steering
  • Oil Pan Capacity
  • Ignition System
  • Alternator
  • Mounting
  • Trim Method
  • Gear Ratio
  • Gear Shift
  • Exhaust
  • X: (25ins)635 mm XX: (30ins)762 mm
  • Electric easy start system
  • X: 274 kg | XX: 279 kg
  • DOHC 24-Valve
  • Multi Point Sequential
  • V6 (55-degree)
  • 4,028 cm3
  • 98 x 89 mm
  • 184 kW / 220.7 kW
  • 5500 - 6100 rpm
  • Remote
  • 8.0 litre(s)
  • Fully-transistorised
  • 12V 54A
  • Shear Mount
  • Trim and Tilt
  • 2.08: 1
  • F-N-R
  • Through Prop Hub Exhaust



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